The word is derived from Greek (oikoumene), which means“THE INHABITED WORLD”

As much an ideology as it is an attitude, Ekumenik is exactly as the name suggests: Truly a unique beast. Reared by an alliance of boarders and lifestylers as a testament to its authenticity. Ekumenik is designed in Canada and hand made in Indonesia near world-class surf.


Micro Kleaver TeeMicro Kleaver Tee
Rp290.000 IDR
Shark TeeShark Tee
Rp290.000 IDR
Action TeeAction Tee
Rp290.000 IDR
Henley S/S TeeHenley S/S Tee
Rp290.000 IDR
Kleaver TeeKleaver Tee
Rp290.000 IDR
Weekend At Terry's ShirtWeekend At Terry's Shirt
Rp549.000 IDRRp384.300 IDR
Weekend At Chelsey'sWeekend At Chelsey's
Rp449.000 IDRRp314.300 IDR
Packable HatPackable Hat
Rp320.000 IDRRp224.000 IDR
Denim Dad HatDenim Dad Hat
Rp320.000 IDRRp224.000 IDR
Mercy Machines TeeMercy Machines Tee
Rp290.000 IDR
Party Crew LongsleeveParty Crew Longsleeve
Rp349.000 IDRRp244.300 IDR
New LS School CrewNew LS School Crew
Rp349.000 IDR
Nylon Manager JacketNylon Manager Jacket
Rp489.000 IDRRp342.300 IDR
Kirby ShortKirby Short
Rp499.000 IDRRp249.500 IDR
Ritchie ShortRitchie Short
Rp499.000 IDRRp249.500 IDR
New Party TeeNew Party Tee
Rp319.000 IDR
Prospector HatProspector Hat
Rp199.000 IDR
Eye SnapbackEye Snapback
Rp290.000 IDRRp203.000 IDR
Manthighs ShortManthighs Short
Rp399.000 IDRRp279.300 IDR
Eku Wax CombEku Wax Comb
Rp40.000 IDR
Disobey ShortDisobey Short
Rp399.000 IDRRp199.500 IDR
Manthighs 2.0Manthighs 2.0
Rp399.000 IDRRp279.300 IDR
Team ShortTeam Short
Rp499.000 IDRRp249.500 IDR