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Crisis Twin

Crisis Twin

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The Crisis Twin is a natural evolution from our Mid Length Crisis, which was typically ridden as a 2+1 set up.

We kept seeing people throwing twin keel fins into the forward boxes and realized that made the boards into a whole different thing, but the fin placement wasn’t optimal for control and performance. So eventually we built the Crisis Twin, a twin fin only version of the MLC with speed and flow as the main objectives.

The design was already well suited to being ridden as a twin, a semi-traditional, wide-point forward outline that is sleek and racey for fast, down-the-line drive, but full bodied enough to provide added stability and glide in weaker, slower waves, but we did make a few small tweaks to improve it, pulling in the nose outline a touch to add more curve for more carve, and also adding some nose rocker to free it up a bit in tighter pockets and late drops.

The stock glassing is 4 bottom and 4+4 deck.

The bottom line is that the Crisis Twin is a fast paddling, fast surfing and super fun addition to our Velocity Project lineup. It might help you look at weaker, funky waves with a little more lust, and it will for sure let you have a blast at any long, lined up wave you can find!

We recommend you ride this board as short or as long as you want and wider than your daily driver. It works great as a little rip stick or a longer cruiser, whatever makes you happy.

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About Crisis Twin


The Radius Prime is state of the art high performance, and we believe it's a great board for anyone who is ready to level up their surfing. We added about a liter more foam per size in our stock dims and we also recommend the round tail version as a slight step-up if you want to push yourself a bit further.

Best For

  • 2-8FT

Add On

BGS board agents personally recommend rocking the FCS II DHD PC Fin & DHD 6FT 7mm CORE Leash - Black.